El Final del Paraíso, Season 4 / Episode 38: Rumbo al infierno (Heading to Hell) - Daily Soap Foam

El Final del Paraíso, Season 4 / Episode 38: Rumbo al infierno (Heading to Hell) - Daily Soap Foam

The El Final del Paraíso spoiler on Thursday, October 3, revealed that Catalina Santana (Carmen Villalobos) is making a potentially bad decision, while Dayana “La Demonia” Muriel (Elianis Garrido) continues to check Mariana Sanín Santana (Stephania Duque) and Natalia Bérmez (Linda Baldrich) tries to turn Ivan Calvo (Carlos Benitez). Doña Hilda Santana (Catherine Siachoque) tries to help Joana (Bárbara Najas) and Yésica “La Diabla” Beltrán (Kimberly Reyes) takes another step against Alfonso Berrio (Leonardo Acosta). If you missed it, we come to the El Final del Paraíso summary.

Demonia is still working on her anti-Mariana cause, using her recent behavior as a reason to get rid of her. Ramón Montecarlo (Mauricio Mauad) doesn't want him dead and thinks his idea of ​​sending Mariana back to Cata Grande is stupid. They force him to talk in some way and put the cartel at risk.

What they don't know is that Mariana listened to this shift instead of sleeping as expected. This seems to shake him of the psychosis he confined himself to as he comes to watch breakfast as fresh as possible the next day. Both comment on this, but also on his new attitude. Moncho and Demonia say he's good to get back, but he said he never left. Later, Mano Negra (Juan Pablo Gamboa) sends them a video in which they make each other a toast. We'll get to that later ...

As we thought, there was no mug that caused Joana Doña Hilda Santana to lose her designs and other information. It was all a scam. In this pathetic. He actually punched his face against the wall and then destroyed his phone to sell this alleged gravel story. All to get between Doña Hilda and Salavtore Miranda (Martín Karpan). This girl just went from having fun to being in one scene to prove it.

Dona Hilda falls for it and is sympathetic. He even lets Salvatore let Joana stay with them. He thinks he has managed to get Joana to report the incident, but next morning Joana is probably smart enough not to make a false police report. What basically makes him one of the smartest people around. He begs, claiming he is too afraid of muggers being killed.

Speaking of not being smart, Sebastian "Sebas" Sanin Santana (Carlos Baez) makes a comeback with a new actor. He seems to be older than he should be, but he seems to be quite the character we saw before. Where the dude comes in is with his mother. Apparently Doña Hilda's words about computer time are not close enough to her heart, she uses a conversation with Sebas to say she has made the decision. She misses her too much and wants her to come back to her. Obviously, Sebas is arguing because his friends and school are here. Cata Grande tells her not to worry about school, she calls the principal and does whatever is necessary. Um, Cata Grande? That's not exactly what he meant here. It's more about moving to another country and leaving his life behind.

We can't handle how he's prepared to take him out of a reasonable life in the United States, to take him to Colombia, where he and his friends and family are in constant war against Diabla and other drug addicts. A life where several of them have died in the process. Can he be made back to logic, please? At this time, we are calling on writers to leave Sebas alone. #SinSebasNoHayParaiso

These cartels were a great success for Santos Castellanos (Luis Carlos Fuquen) in their mission. When he and Mano Negra follow the subject, we let the person imitating him follow, Mano Negra is pleased that XY5 does not have the same downside as XY4. What's more, now that they've received a video of the girl, it's all over social media, offering them tons of free advertising. This was the video that Mariana and others watched. They are all delighted when they beat the old timers.

According to other news, Albeiro is still training like a good little deficit, something he Esteban Calvo (Manuel Gómez) accuses of being. He is not absolutely better or more masculine. If he had been a man, he would have literally told everyone who knew this second opinion to receive it. You know, instead of believing in the enemies of those who are powerful and can confuse things like lab results.

Anyway, he seems to be interested in the son that Calvo has confessed and thinks it is best for him to have a truce right now. You know when they're stuck with each other. Calvo thinks he's a hypocrite and a fake and refuses to tell him anything.

Behind the house, Albeiro turns to Valeria Montes (Reyes) after seeing Berrio on TV. Given that he recently admitted his love for him, he's obviously a little jealous (or at least upset that he was lying because of it). As a matter of fact, Albeiro should not care. Didn't he continue that Cata Grande was the love of her life? So much so that he left his mother after twenty years? This guy can't seem to think of anything. Valeria asks for forgiveness and asks her not to stop believing in her. Diabla was forced to get close to him. Albeiro is angry about it and damn Calvo and Diabla for it.

She asks her to tell Cata Grande what's going on, but the woman says she can't do it. & Nbsp; They are interrupted by Calvo, who claims he threatens "Valeria" with a gun. He says they'll talk later when he makes him leave the room.

As for his Berrio plan, he and the target are in his hotel room when he starts to go crazy. Valeria is getting into it at first, but pulls away. She claims to be a decent woman and starts to get angry when she tries to get her to bed like this. Berrio is completely confused and tries to apologize, but Valeria rushes away.

Later, Diabla calls Mano Negra and congratulates him on the XY5 video. He immediately acknowledged his handiwork. He tells him that he has done something that makes Berrio absolutely nuts, and promises that he can count on Berrio XY5 to be taken before the debate.

As for Berrio, the chickens did not contact Zoraya Fuente (Eileen Roca) within minutes, but Edmundo & nbsp; "Sombra" Dorantes Borrero (Mauricio Cujar) and Santiago Sanín (Roberto Manrique) persuade her to get her to do the right thing. He saves the life of his love. He calls immediately after the fight with Valeria and finally agrees to talk to him in person after the debate.

Finally, we reach Natalia's mission to get from Calbo to Diabla. He approaches his son Ivan and pretends to be someone looking for coke because he is a mediator. He pulls a gun in response to the woman.

What he did not know, though, was that Ivan and his father ended badly. He doesn't want any part of his father's world. To that end, he simply plays as a pusher. Its real purpose is to intimidate potential users directly.

Natalia recognizes who she is and asks for help through her father to track Diabla. She is resistant to the idea and comes up, but Natalia is sure she will help. By helping them toil their father, it means saving Calvo's life. It is very easy for him to disappear.

He's right about Ivan. Later, he fills Cata Grande with what happened last night when they were mixed up for the visitor. Cata is confused because she has no appointments right now. It turns out it's Ivan who has thought through it and decided to help.

How could Miki be Xander's child when Sara's child died? I thought Xander swapped his baby for Kristen and Brady's baby. Days when you have to straighten out your story!


Team Nikolas Cassadine all the way. I hope Spencer Cassadine will forgive his father, Nikolas Cassadine, for causing the death to recover from Valentin Cassadine the fortune and spoon of Cassadine. Ryan Chamberlain and Nelle Benson must also be killed for GH's good will.

NO !!! They've lost me ... I've been following this soap since its inception. I'm tired of this constant, continuous storyline ... NOT HAPPY !! I can't even stomach Thomas ... I screwed it in when he came. Did I stop following in the fall? it's really sad, I'm just Y & amp; R. I miss when the world turns and the guiding light .... B & amp; B really needs to rethink his approach. I know many people who have had it and given up soap.


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