El Final del Paraíso, Season 4 / Episode 46: El Sabor de la Muerte (Taste of Death) - Daily Soap Dish

El Final del Paraíso, Season 4 / Episode 46: El Sabor de la Muerte (Taste of Death) - Daily Soap Dish

The El Final del Paraíso spoiler on Tuesday, October 15, revealed that Dayana “La Demonia” Muriel (Elianis Garrido) is a desperate woman, Daniel Cerón Venegas (Juan Pablo Llano) and Rogelio (Roberto Greco) being replaced by Emilia (Marianella González), and Doña Hilda Santana (Catherine Siachoque) offers help to Leticia. There is also more fight planning, the DEA mission and Esteban Calvo (Manuel Gómez) searches continue. If you missed it, we come to the El Final del Paraíso summary.

Both José Luis "Jota" Vargas (Francisco Bolívar) and Albeiro Marín (Fabián Ríos) are in the hands of others. The occasional bad guy has Jota, who insists he should eat. Another fight is coming soon and this time neither Jota nor Albeiro will come out alive. Jota refuses to fight with her friend again, but her captive is not worried. They just give him more XY5 and he can't control himself. He tells Joa that he wouldn't want to tell his father's dead Adrianita because he wouldn't listen. Why Jota doesn't concentrate the way he used to, we don't know. Instead, she asks her daughter for a picture or video.

Yésica “La Diabla” Beltránsi (Kimberly Reyes) is not much better with Albeiro Calvo. Calvo doesn't care how much the fight hurts Joth, or Albeiro's other concerns. Albeiro tries to use the son of Calvo to his advantage, asking what Calvo would do if his own son had what Albeiro had, or the brother of "Valeria Montes" (Reyes). Calvo thinks his son has been infected with something far worse than HIV - anger and resentment.

Elsewhere, my Negra (Juan Pablo Gamboa) has had a bad day. We'll get to that a little bit. But first, the good news. Arrives Santos Castellanos (Luis Carlos Fuquen), who tells him the Dark Web is about to go. They have a domain and everything. He thinks that if they get enough fighters, they could upload 50 battles a day and blow the web. He also thinks they can go further than that. Fighting games and such a huge amount, and they could take it a step further on the Dark Web.

Mano Negra likes this way of thinking. He's already planning to bring back a snuff movie and knows exactly who should be begging for their life - Demonia.

One bad thing about Mano Negra Day that he doesn't know is that Daniel has found Emilia. He also accompanied him and learned Mano Negra's real name (Aáron Mondejo), but that's not it.

In this part, they learn more about how she drugged and manipulated Emilia to sign her, then took the adopted child and locked her in a mental hospital. Daniel wants to know why he just left there when he could talk later. He points out that Mano Negra had scared him to remain silent. Daniel and Rogelio swear they will help him get his life back and get justice.

The problem Mano Negra knows is how Demonia used a weapon to escape the house of Mariana Sanín Santana (Stephania Duque) and Ramón "Moncho" Montecarlo (Mauricio Mauad). Mano Negra is angry that he lost after his name was recorded on TV with Roberto Conde (Alejandro Martínez) and the beating of underage girls.

As they try to find Demonia, Mariana and Moncho's car comes into contact with a police officer who is blocking the road. Without seeing any other options, he orders the driver to shoot the guy and they get rid of the evidence.

With her name now out and a huge protest going on against Code and her, Demonia has driven her out. He knows he has traveled with Mano Negra. In addition, when protesting women see her, they are likely to take her out. He's not sure what to do and wanders the streets purposefully.

Finally, he has a genius. He realizes that if he transforms himself into Catalina Santana (Carmen Villalobos), he can negotiate freedom and defense with Mano Negra. Not only that, but it can also provide information about Diabla. Once his plan is in place, he will start moving again. If previews point, it might be of interest.

Hiding is also a conde. He seems to have lost all support for the corrupt Attorney General Andrés Umaña (Bayardo Ardila). He is advised to descend and get a good defense attorney. He asks, amusedly, what kind of protection does he intend to offer: Did he teach these ladies morals and ethics?

That's not his only problem. Mano Negra is not happy about the disappearance. He leaves Conde with a message advising him of his only move. He must show himself to Mano Negra right away. Mano Negra is his only salvation.

Another thing Code was trying to do was stop the protest. The Attorney General is reluctant because women are entitled to do so. Looks like he's going to be a bit under protesters, but soon we'll see a bunch of troops line up. Coronel Granados (Luis Fernando Bohórquez) tries to contact his general to summon soldiers, but it is too late. They are already throwing tear gas and it becomes chaotic.

Doña Hilda and Leticia (Marcela Posada) still associate it with their new job and their common problem. Doña Hilda assures Leticia that she is not just going to be an employee. They are friends who work together to make a dream come true. Leticia is grateful for the opportunity. They are disturbed by the knock on the door. Dona Hilda understands that this must be the PI hired by Salvatore Miranda (Martín Karpan). Leticia is interested and wants to know how much she is paying. Doña Hilda is not sure, because Salvatore dealt with it all, but she doesn't think it can be hurt to talk to her about Leticia's own daughter and see if she helps.

Aurelio “El Titi” Jaramillo (Gregorio Pernía), Pilar (Margarita Reyes) and Pablo Móron (Alí Humar) are back in Colombia preparing to raise XY4 production, while Armando Cardona (Julián Trujillo) is producing elsewhere in La Cuina (Jimena Galvis) . Pilar is pleased with all the materials she has been given and thinks they can produce 50 servings a day. Móron is impressed.

She pulls Titi aside and they finally talk about her love for Cata Grande. Móron thinks he should look at him. He just needs to do things right. Titi is amused and asks if she should go to the DEA office and declare her love. Móron tells him not to be stupid. Apparently he wanted to find him in the neighborhood. She sometimes has to visit Doña Hilda. Titi agrees and Móron says she would like to go see how much the neighborhood has changed. According to Titt, everything is the same. The only difference is that there is a new generation of girls waiting for their chance to get implants and hook up with similar guys.

Later, they get a panic call from Cardonita. DEA is present and surrounds them, and perhaps has five men. Cata Grande is one of the representatives outside, and she's not sure if she'll get out of it, but promises to make a decent fight.

We find out what really happened to Joana (Bárbara Najas) and Salvatore. They really did, but poor Salvatore was so intoxicated that she thought she was sleeping with Doña Hilda. He regrets and tells Joana that was a mistake. He is upset and stops leaving.

Outside, he gets into a cab and makes a call. We find out that he got Mateo Matiz (Steven Salcedo) chained and lets him beat. While Mateo is wearing a haute couture dress. Mateo thinks he's nothing more than a twisted-know-what-and-he doesn't care about how much he humiliates and hurts him. She knows that a woman pays for everything she has done. Joana just seems to be entertaining and we can't do it. This girl is seriously twisted.

Finally, Natalia Bérmudez (Linda Baldrich) and Ívan Calvo (Carlos Benítez) are in the club as part of their plan to find their father. He makes a lot of noise about how he is going to do things here soon, who his father is and how Elder Calvo works for the famous Diabla. He's successful. The bystander to whom he offered to dance the tapes of Ivan and Natalia is then sent a video to Calvo.


Team Nikolas Cassadine all the way. I hope Spencer Cassadine will forgive his father, Nikolas Cassadine, for causing the death to recover from Valentin Cassadine the fortune and spoon of Cassadine. Ryan Chamberlain and Nelle Benson must also be killed for GH's good will.

NO !!! They've lost me ... I've been following this soap since its inception. I'm tired of this constant, continuous storyline ... NOT HAPPY !! I can't even stomach Thomas ... I screwed it in when he came. Did I stop following in the fall? it's really sad, I'm just Y & amp; R. I miss when the world turns and the guiding light .... B & amp; B really needs to rethink his approach. I know many people who have had it and given up soap.


How could Miki be Xander's child when Sara's child died? I thought Xander swapped his baby for Kristen and Brady's baby. Days when you have to straighten out your story!


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I'd rather see Liam with Hope and have them have a happy family with their daughter Beth. Steffy's not good for her because she uses Liam because her brother tells Steffy what to do so Thomas can count on himself.

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