Paolo Paraiso's Rediscovered Passion

Paolo Paraiso's Rediscovered Passion

Paolo Paraiso said during the closing ceremonies of a local film festival a few years ago that his passion as an actor had prevailed. She was a co-director of two festivals this time and even received the nomination for Best Supporting Actor at the awards night.

"I'm all pumped up and I'm not only interested in improving the actor's craft, but also learning the art and business of filmmaking," we remember him telling us.

It's been more than 16 years since Paraiso transitioned from modeling to business. Before being lured into trying acting, he was an active member of the Philippine Association of Elite Professional Models. & Nbsp; It was launched as part of Star Circle in 2003 and was immediately signed to join the ABS-CBN drama series Tabing Ilog.

A year later, Paraiso was introduced to film audiences, starting with his film actor journey with a project titled Happy With, starring Kris Aquino.

Sometime later, he found romance in his new work environment that led to his fatherhood. Her world now revolves around her two sons, actresses, business interests and the food industry. Even at school, Paraiso would try different sports. “I played and competed in tennis, football, basketball and even taekwondo. I also run and rattan, ”he volunteered.

Paraiso added that he has been training Brazilian jiu-jitsu for about three years. “I was in training when I started. One day I started to get bored with boxing, muay thai, and lifting weights, so I tried jiu-jitsu, seeing a few friends in it. The first day I got out of half the smaller guy and became very curious about how he was able to do it with the much longer guy. So I started training regularly. “He shared that in addition to enjoying these physical activities, he also learned a lot of discipline, concentration, and respect. “Brazilian jiu-jitsu is not just a hobby or a sport. It is also a way of life and a way of thinking. “Paraiso also started training recently to balance exercise mode. & Nbsp;

Presently, Paraiso is juggling cinematography with Njel de Mesa between the promotion of "Kontradiksyon", which opens this week, and the filming of the new hardcore action movie Alpha Kid One in Bacolod City, with director Richard Somos, for whom Paraiso has paid much tribute. & nbsp;

In Contradiksyon, Paraiso plays a really dark character, which makes it hard for Jake Cuenca. The film addresses many of the current political and socio-economic issues and addresses the controversial drug war in the country.

For the film currently being filmed in the province of Negros, Paraiso and Somes have already worked with films like Historiographika Errata and We Don't Die Tonight, where their friendship grew. “I like that Direk Richard is a co-worker. She knows her every scene from the heart. He is a great visualizer. He is also detailed when he was trained in production design right from the start. & Nbsp; Now that he's accomplished so much, you're wearing the 'Tatak Somes' seal as your actress! "

On television, Paraiso is about to launch a new GMA series with Derek Ramsey. He is grateful for the many opportunities that come his way. "Love it when I'm busy. & Nbsp; I enjoy everything

the aspect of working as an actor, whether for film or television. I am pleased to be constantly reminded that you need a burning passion to be truly happy in whatever you do. "

Ricky Gallardo, who has been a lifestyle and entertainment journalist for over 20 years, is also a businessman. Hidden with decades of advertising experience, she has interests in art, cinema, fitness and communication.

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